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Coffee trivia:Why coffee can help the body to defecate

We all know the feeling of drinking a third cup of coffee on Monday morning, just when you are at the best of your work. Anyone who is passionate about coffee knows that the world's most popular beverages can help the body to defecate.

Coffee trivia:Why coffee can help the body to defecate-3trivia
Coffee trivia:Why coffee can help the body to defecate

Recently, a new study at the American Digestive Diseases Week Conference said that this has little to do with caffeine content, and more is the impact of coffee itself. The ability of coffee to help us with bowel movements may come from its relationship to the gut microbiota and its ability to affect smooth muscle contractions, both of which help us defecate.

The main author of the study, Xuan Zhengshi of the University of Texas Medical School, said in a statement: "After giving coffee for three days, the contraction of the small intestine muscle seems to increase. Interestingly, these effects are related to coffee. Because it has nothing to do, because caffeine-free coffee has the same effect as regular coffee."

To draw their conclusions, the researchers dissolved the Arabica coffee powder in hot water and placed it in the rat feces in the culture dish. When exposed to 1.5% pure coffee, they found that the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in the excreta was inhibited. When coffee is 3% pure, its growth rate is even lower. In another study, the researchers found that ingesting coffee helps mice better contract muscles and colon in the small intestine, which is important for normal bowel movements.

The researchers point out that their findings may indicate that drinking coffee may be a good option for treating constipation after surgery. In particular, intestinal obstruction, intestinal obstruction is a condition in which the intestines stop working, usually after abdominal surgery. A 2012 study found that patients who underwent colon surgery, if they drank coffee instead of water, their gut function would quickly return to normal. Many other studies have also pointed out that drinking coffee has a wide range of health benefits, from improving liver function to prolonging life. But there are also some negative health effects that need to be considered, including insomnia, nervousness, and irritability.

Of course, the current study is conducted on mice. The researchers said that further research is needed to determine the same effect for humans.


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