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Choking trivia:Is suffocating more powerful?

If it means to make the heart or diaphragm muscles stronger, the answer is no.

However, when you are engaged in certain sports, suffocation helps to improve muscle performance, so that you can make a strong force in a short time, because sputum will increase the concentration of sodium bicarbonate in the blood, helping to neutralize the lactic acid produced by anaerobic exercise.

Choking trivia:Is suffocating more powerful?-3trivia
Choking trivia:Is suffocating more powerful?

The first is to exhale normally, and to suffocate when there is no air in the lungs, instead of taking a deep breath and then suffocating.

The risk of hernia is quite large. Some studies have found that a free diver who treats hernia as a regular meal for a few minutes has a high protein concentration of S100B in the blood, which is a sign of long-term damage to the brain.


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