Tea trivia:Is it true that drinking tea can prevent cancer?

This tobacco and alcohol is a carcinogen. Everyone knows that tea is much healthier and may reduce cardiovascular…

This tobacco and alcohol is a carcinogen. Everyone knows that tea is much healthier and may reduce cardiovascular risk. Some people even said that drinking tea can help prevent cancer and reduce the harm of tobacco and alcohol. It seems that drinking a few cups of tea every day does not require smoking cessation.

Tea trivia:Is it true that drinking tea can prevent cancer?
Tea trivia:Is it true that drinking tea can prevent cancer?

A recent study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, using data from more than 500,000 Chinese, analyzed the relationship between the habit of drinking tea and the risk of multiple cancers.

Researchers recruited more than 510,000 adult volunteers from five cities and five rural areas in China between 2004 and 2008.

The researchers obtained the following information from these volunteers:

The frequency of teatime and the amount of tea brewed each time.

Information on smoking and drinking. In order to avoid the reverse causal relationship caused by smoking cessation and alcohol withdrawal after cancer, the researchers also excluded those who quit smoking for more than 6 months, and those who drank and drink tea from 1 time/week to less than 1 time/week. .

Long-term follow-up to observe the incidence of cancer. The scope of observation includes all cancers, and focuses on six major cancer types: lung cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, female breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

After removing some volunteers who did not meet the requirements, the analysis finally included 455,981 participants, with an average age of 50.9 years, of which 36.1% were male and 56.1% were from rural areas.

Of these participants, 42.1% of men and 16.1% of women drank tea almost every day.

During an average follow-up of 10.1 years, a total of 22,652 cancers occurred, including 4046 (17.9%) lung cancer, 2366 (10.4%) gastric cancer, 2267 (10.0%) colorectal cancer, and 1874 (8.3%) liver cancer. 1984 (8.8%) female breast cancer and 868 (3.8%) cervical cancer.

The researchers conducted a preliminary data analysis of the occurrence of tea and cancer, and the results were really eye-popping!

People who drink more tea are more likely to get cancer than people who drink less tea!

Preliminary analysis showed that compared with people who drank less than once a week, people who consumed more than 4g of tea per day had an overall cancer risk of 26%, lung cancer risk increased by 62%, and gastric cancer risk increased by 29%.

The above conclusions only indicate relevance, not causality.

Is this data reliable?

It should be said that the number of people analyzed in this study is relatively large, and it is safe to find ways to eliminate some factors that are likely to cause deviation and confusion.

But how can this shocking conclusion be explained? Is tea causing cancer?

In fact, it is not tea that causes cancer, but tea does not have any anti-cancer effect.

The researchers found that:

In this study, people who drink more tea often smoke and drink more. They thought that tea could prevent cancer, and they let go of smoking and drinking. As a result, cancer came to the door.

Tea contains caffeine, which can stimulate the gastric mucosa. This content is not a bad thing in light tea, but if you drink strong tea and drink for a long time, it may increase the incidence of gastric cancer.

Chinese people like to drink hot tea, but hot water above 65 °C will burn the esophagus, repeated burns may induce esophageal cancer.

Therefore, it is not good to drink tea. Do not use tea as an anti-cancer drug!

As long as you don’t expect tea to prevent cancer, light tea is still a good drink. It contains no sugar, no calories, and is better than white water. It also contains certain phenolic antioxidants, which are suitable for daily drinks.

1,A follow-up study of 500,000 Chinese people for 10 years found that people who drink more tea have more cancer than those who do not drink tea or drink less tea!

2, the reason is that some people think that tea can fight cancer, they let go of smoking and drinking, and the result is cancer.

3, caffeine in tea can stimulate the gastric mucosa, hot tea can burn the esophagus, and increase the incidence of related cancer over time. So don’t drink strong tea and hot tea!

4,Light tea with suitable temperature is a good daily drink, but it is not anti-cancer.

Therefore, drinking tea can prevent cancer is a rumor, not credible!


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