Strange encounters trivia:Frog Aliens

Harrison Bailey loved to walk so much that he found a way to profit from it; he had…

Harrison Bailey loved to walk so much that he found a way to profit from it; he had a huge green tire with advertising space on the side of it, and he’d take long walks rolling it with sponsored ads. He was on such a walk from Chicago, Illinois, to Joliet, on September 24, 1951, when he rolled his big tire into a small wooded area along the route near the town of Orland Park.

As he approached the woods, he became aware of a strange prickling in his neck, and saw a sort of silver whirlwind in the sky behind him… but he was on a tight schedule with a long walk ahead, so he ignored it and continued forward into the woods. In front of him was what he took to be a large frog on a log; as he approached it, he became aware of other animals about the same size hidden in the foliage on both sides of the road. Small round… insects? …were all over the road. Bailey walked on, figuring his boots would protect him.

Strange encounters trivia:Frog Aliens
Strange encounters trivia:Frog Aliens

Then the frog on the log stood up and started walking towards him.

Soon Bailey was surrounded by these bipedal frogs, and they were jumping up to touch him on the shoulders, back, hips, and legs; and when they touched him, it felt unpleasant. He started to run, still rolling his wheel ahead of him and over the strange insects that covered the ground, eventually escaping the hoard of frogs.

Further along the road, Bailey ran across a large, rounded object that opened to reveal two five-foot-tall human-like beings wearing helmets that obscured their faces. The next thing Bailey was aware of was lying on a bed of some sort, presumably inside the object, with the two beings examining him and — somehow — communicating to instruct him to tell the world about them; they never actually spoke. After this strange exam, Bailey was allowed to leave with his wheel… but, despite the beings asking him to tell the world about them, he immediately forgot about nearly everything that happened that day. It was only around twenty-five years later, when hypnotic regression was used to try and recover what happened in the hours of that September day, that the strange series of events was first told to the world.


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