Strange encounters trivia:Silver Monster

It was a long night on the farm in Kelly, Kentucky. It all started when Billy Ray Taylor…

It was a long night on the farm in Kelly, Kentucky. It all started when Billy Ray Taylor saw a strange object fly across the sky with a rainbow trail, and then drop into a deep gully nearby. Taylor headed to the farmhouse of the Sutten family — they were friends — to tell everyone there what he had seen; but the family thought he’d probably seen a ‘falling star’ and was just exaggerating the details.

Half an hour later, something glowing approached the house from the fields. Taylor and Lucky Sutten watched the strange glow from the back door of the house until it became clear it was some sort of bipedal creature, three-and-a-half feet tall, with a huge round head and very long arms ending in talons, that was walking towards them. The odd creature appeared to be made of silver, and it held its arms high above its head as it approached, as if in surrender… and there didn’t seem to be any obvious reason it was glowing.

Strange encounters trivia:Silver Monster
Strange encounters trivia:Silver Monster

Taylor and Sutten both grabbed guns; and when the creature came within twenty feet of the house they opened fire, with the odd result that the creature flipped backwards and then ran away. Soon, another such creature was found staring into the house at one of the windows; they shot at it from inside the house and the weird thing flipped backwards and out of sight. Assuming the body would be just outside, Taylor and Sutten headed for the front door. As Taylor walked out, however, one of the creatures was seen to reach down from above and touched his hair with its talons; the family yanked Taylor back inside before he could go further, and Sutten ran out and shot the creature, knocking it off the roof.

Another creature was spotted in a tree nearby, and Taylor joined Sutten as both shot at the creature. It fell from the tree… and floated lightly down to the ground before running off. Then another ran from around the house at the two men. Sutten fired point blank into the creature, and they heard the bullets hit it, but the strange creature was unharmed even though it turned and ran after being shot. It was now obvious to both Taylor and Sutten that their guns were useless, and they retreated back into the house.

Though the strange visitors continued to pester the family until around 5:00 AM, the creatures never did anything aggressive. Instead, they appeared to simply be curious about the family, always looking in at the windows but never entering the house

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