Strange encounters trivia:Ginger Aliens

Jose Antonio Da Silva (from Bebedouro, Brazil) just wanted to fish. He got up early that morning to…

Jose Antonio Da Silva (from Bebedouro, Brazil) just wanted to fish. He got up early that morning to do just that, after having hiked to the lake and set up camp the day before; but around 3:00 PM his plans were changed against his will when a group of 4 foot tall humanoids, completely covered head to toe in strange suits, paralyzed his legs and then dragged him aboard a weird craft.

For hours Da Silva sat with his captors as the strange vehicle moved; there were no windows, so he could only feel the motion of the craft, with no idea where it was going. They had placed a helmet over his head, just like the ones they were wearing themselves. When they reached their destination, he was brought into a large room and placed sitting on a stool. Here he saw these beings without their helmets on (he continued to wear his); among them was one being who was slightly taller, and appeared to be in charge.

Strange encounters trivia:Ginger Aliens
Strange encounters trivia:Ginger Aliens

They all looked about the same: roughly human with red hair that hung to their waists, and beards that stretched to their stomachs. Their eyebrows were very thick — about two finger widths — and they had no eyelashes on their slightly-larger-than-human green eyes. The biggest difference was their mouths, which were a little wider than a human’s… and had no teeth in them, looking more like a fish’s mouth on the inside.

They communicated to Da Silva by means of gestures and illustrations; he soon understood that they wanted him to go back to Earth to gather information for them, then eventually return to live with them for several years, finally to return to Earth with them as their ambassador and guide. Da Silva refused the offer. With that, he was taken back to the strange craft and, after some time, was dropped off in the middle of the night by a stream. Once he found his way to a road, he was able to learn that he was about 30 KM/18.6 miles away from where he had been fishing… and four and a half days had passed!


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