Strange encounters trivia:Block Creatures

19-year-old Lee Parrish had just driven home from his girlfriend’s house in Prospect, Kentucky; along the way, he…

19-year-old Lee Parrish had just driven home from his girlfriend’s house in Prospect, Kentucky; along the way, he had seen a bright rectangular object in the sky. When he got home, his eyes hurt terribly… and he discovered the seven minute drive had taken nearly forty-five minutes to complete for some reason. Worried, his mother convinced him to have hypnotic regression in an attempt to remember what happened during the missing time; and the answers he gave were just strange.

Parish’s car had been lifted off the ground by the bright object, and then Parrish himself had somehow been instantly brought to a room that looked too large to be inside the craft. In this room were three strange objects; on his left was a large black slab shaped like a tombstone with an additional bump on top that nearly reached the ceiling, on his right was a red block that was just a little shorter than Parrish, and in front of him was a more complicated looking white block. The white block was Parrish’s height, about six feet, and had a surface that curved away from Parrish on the front, with a distinct rectangular “head.” Parrish didn’t know how he knew, but he sensed these objects were sentient beings; and that the white one was in charge.

Strange encounters trivia:Block Creatures
Strange encounters trivia:Block Creatures

The black slab had a single limb that stuck out from one side of its front. It started to use this to slowly touch Parrish on his side and back, a feeling that was unpleasant: cold and burning at the same time, it made Parrish feel like he was vibrating. Next the red block touched him; it too had a single limb coming from its body, and Parrish sensed it was a bit frightened of him. It slowly touched his shoulder, and then the side of his head, above the ear in the hairline. These touches came with the sensation of being pricked with a needle, but didn’t hurt very long.

After touching him, the red block moved to the white one, and either disappeared behind it, or merged with it. The black slab backed away slowly as the white object made a sound like sandpaper being used; then the white one moved to the black slab and, again, either disappeared behind it or merged with it. A moment later, the black slab disappeared, leaving Parrish in the room alone.

Then Parrish was in his car again, looking at a little pond near the roadway he had been driving on. His eyes were completely bloodshot, and he had trouble sleeping for days afterwards simply because of how badly they hurt.

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