Strange encounters trivia:Triangle Eyes

Private security guard Piero Fortunato Zanfretta was driving his rounds in Torriglia, Italy that icy cold night when,…

Private security guard Piero Fortunato Zanfretta was driving his rounds in Torriglia, Italy that icy cold night when, just a bit after midnight, his car’s engine, lights, and radio all failed at once, bringing the car to a stop in front of one of his clients’ houses. While this bothered him, Zanfretta quickly noticed four strange lights moving around the client’s house; assuming these were burglars, he grabbed his gun and flashlight, walked through the open gate, and snuck quietly along the wall to surprise them. Then someone touched his back.

Spinning around with his gun and light in front of him, Zanfretta found himself facing a 10 foot tall being with undulating, hairy, green skin. He pointed his flashlight up to see the face, and dropped it in shock. The creature had triangular yellow eyes, and red veins on its forehead. Zanfretta quickly grabbed up the flashlight and ran for his car, but he was soon aware that something very bright was behind him. He turned to look and discovered a huge triangular craft, glowing brightly enough that he had to shield his eyes, was rising from the back yard of the house with a hissing noise. He ran to his car and made a desperate call out on his radio, which cut off before he could give his location.

Strange encounters trivia:Triangle Eyes
Strange encounters trivia:Triangle Eyes

An hour later, two other patrol cars came through the area and discovered Zanfretta lying on the ground out in front of the now-closed gate to the house. As they approached he jumped up, pointing his gun at them; his eyes were bulging, and he didn’t seem to recognize them. They managed to overpower him, but noticed as they did so that Zanfretta and his clothes were very warm despite the icy temperatures he had presumably been lying in till just a moment before.

Further investigation after daybreak showed two huge horseshoe shaped impressions in the ground behind the house, as if something massive had been sitting there… and fifty-two witnesses from around the city had all seen the bright light in the area at the same time that Zanfretta claimed to have been attacked! 


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