Strange encounters trivia:In Soviet Russia

It was around 6:30 PM at Levoberezhniy’s park in Voronezh, Russia. Children were playing; a group of adults…

It was around 6:30 PM at Levoberezhniy’s park in Voronezh, Russia. Children were playing; a group of adults were waiting at a nearby bus stop; and a large red oval, about 45 feet long by 18 feet high, was flying in circles about forty feet above the ground… which kind of caught everyone’s attention. The oval craft landed lightly in the park, near several of the playing children, and three large beings came out, accompanied by a box-like robot.

The beings were humanoid, but around nine feet tall, with very long arms and a sort of dome instead of head and neck. These domes had three eyes; two whitish ones side by side, and then a red one above them, that was described as swiveling around like a radar. They appeared to be wearing silver jumpsuits with bronze boots, and set about collecting dirt samples; one of the three seemed to be in charge, and sometimes made sounds that were believed to be orders to the other two.

Strange encounters trivia:In Soviet Russia
Strange encounters trivia:In Soviet Russia

Everyone witnessing the event had been too stunned to really react at first; but it soon proved to be too much for one young man, who started to scream… and the being in charge clearly focused it’s attention on this young man, who was suddenly frozen in place. Everyone else then started to panic, as the strange beings now appeared to be a threat; but before a full panic set in, the beings and the craft simply vanished from view.

Five minutes later the beings and the strange craft suddenly reappeared, in the same place they had been before; but one of the beings now held a short tube which it pointed at a teenager… who disappeared. Now a real panic broke out, as the three large beings returned to their craft, and the oval vehicle lifted up into the air. As it vanished from sight, the teenager suddenly reappeared from nowhere.

Researchers were baffled by the strange events; but all witnesses stuck to their stories, and drawings by both the children and adults presented a consistent — though strange — portrait of the alien beings.


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