Anal trivia: Why do people tighten their anus when they are nervous?

The first time I took the stage, I was very nervous. The first time I tried to ride…

The first time I took the stage, I was very nervous. The first time I tried to ride a roller coaster, it was easy to be nervous. Even the first time I participated in the competition, there would be tension, and our body would naturally show a nervous posture, such as “Chrysanthemum” tightening. Or suddenly there will be urine or intentions, so why do you have these special physiological reactions when you are nervous? How can we alleviate our nervousness?

The so-called “chrysanthemum tight” is also the state of the anus is tightened, especially in the state of emotional stress, some people will frequently run the toilet because of the intention and the urine, in fact, this is a normal physiological reaction!

Anal trivia: Why do people tighten their anus when they are nervous?
Anal trivia: Why do people tighten their anus when they are nervous?

We can usually think of “chrysanthemum tightness” as a stress reaction caused by excessive stress. People tend to excite the sympathetic nerves when they are nervous, and the sympathetic nerves will be transmitted to various organs of the body in a short time. A nervous signal is produced, and once the body muscles and joints receive the information transmitted by the sympathetic nerves, they will quickly enter a state of tension. In particular, when the hip muscles become tight, there will be an anal tightening.

In addition, the sympathetic nerves excited by emotional stress will also stimulate the body’s endocrine system, leading to increased adrenaline secretion, visceral nerve regulation disorder will easily accelerate the rate of gastrointestinal motility, so there will be intestinal irritation and other discomfort, even intention or urine Full, some people will “scream” because of excessive tension.

Moderate tension can focus our attention, but excessive tension often disrupts the balance of the internal environment, and even makes our brains fatigued. So, is there a small trick to ease tension in life?

Take a deep breath when you are nervous.

When you take a deep breath, you can increase your breathing and increase your blood oxygen concentration. More carbon dioxide and other exhaled gases exhale from the body, and the body feels relaxed. At the same time, deep breathing can enlarge the thorax and reduce the pressure on the heart and lungs, so that people can restore a calm and peaceful attitude. Try to breathe in the abdomen when you take a deep breath, and you should concentrate on the rhythm of breathing to achieve slow inhalation and exhalation.

Please shift your attention when you are nervous.

When you are emotionally nervous, you should learn to divert your attention. You can look at the scenery outside the window or play with your mobile phone. Do something that will make you happy. Let your mind not concentrate on things that make you nervous. It is.

Please be psychologically suggestive when you are nervous.

Sometimes over-stress is often caused by lack of self-confidence. If you can’t adjust your nervousness in time, it will be a “bad thing”. So you can try to suggest yourself at this time. “I am great.” “I am terrific.” “No big deal.” These suggestive words can be enhanced. Be confident and eliminate tension.

Listen to music when you are nervous.

When you are nervous, you may want to listen to some music. Soothing music can slow your heartbeat and slow down your breathing. The music with strong rhythm will make you feel happy. People can easily integrate into the rhythm of music and follow the music. The brain is no longer concentrated on Nervous things can therefore effectively relieve tension.

Please eat when you are nervous.

When you are over-stressed, you may have a dry mouth. Therefore, you may drink more water when you are nervous. Of course, you can also eat foods such as bananas or chocolates that can relieve tension.


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