Virus Trivia: Why Does It Exist? What is the meaning of existence?

Why does the virus exist? Look at the viruses around us. They come in all shapes and sizes.…

Virus Trivia: Why Does It Exist? What is the meaning of existence?
Virus Trivia: Why Does It Exist? What is the meaning of existence?

Why does the virus exist? Look at the viruses around us. They come in all shapes and sizes. Gorgeous colorful structure engineering neatly structured, is the smallest organism known to mankind, 100 times or even 1000 times smaller than bacteria, for example, the major pathogens that make us cold are about 20 nanometers in diameter, and the most typical bacterium Escherichia coli is 500 nanometers in diameter In fact, if you are more serious, it is difficult to tell whether this thing is biological or not. It is too simple. Only protein plus genetic material, so the virus itself does not have the ability to survive alone. It must enter other nervous systems and use cells. Material reproduces itself, it can be said that animal cells can also be plant cell reproductive bacteria

So the virus is a kind of existence between living things and non-living things. It is very simple and very marginal. Therefore, it is very accurate to call marginal organisms. Once the virus enters the cell, it replicates itself madly for 6 hours and replicates 100,000 such basic skills. Viruses dominate wherever they go, but the characteristics of the viruses are also different. There are mild viruses and potent viruses. After entering a cell, it is very comfortable to implant its own genes on the cell’s DNA. There are people who eat and drink for ten or eight years. They like to be passive. Cells multiply and it proliferates. They are not in a hurry. This is our incubation period. In addition, the powerful virus is very vicious. The cells replicate inside. When the cell’s resources are exhausted, it will destroy the cells, the cells will break down, release countless virus cells, and let the viruses attack all parts of the body.

Although bad bacteria are also pathogenic, antibiotics can deal with them, but most viruses are infected without drugs. Antibiotics cannot kill any viruses. 75% alcohol can only sterilize. There is no way to deal with viruses. It is said that the best way has always been defensive warfare, prevention in advance, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently without touching it, and trapping it to prevent non-proliferation. It is also the best method. For example, after the smallpox virus is captured, humans will no longer be afraid, but it is not foolproof, and the virus will also evolve and evolve. Without outside intervention, this probability is extremely low, especially across This kind of infection, no matter how fast the technology develops, the unknown is always greater than the known.

Viruses have been studied by humans for such a long time, and wind and waves have experienced many times. Why do viruses exist? If existence is reasonable, what is the significance of the existence of a virus? Not only you and me, but also countless scientists are studying. Maybe the virus itself is not terrible. What horrifies us is that we don’t know anything about the virus. Where are they? Mode ability, each time the fear spreads faster than the virus itself, causing a series of chain reactions, social production and economic activities will be affected, what if he wants to prepare my work? What about my fruit stand? What about my restaurant? What about my factory?


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