Girls like romantic surroundings and food, among which flowers are one of the gifts that girls receive the most from boys. If you want to prepare a gift, or if you want a creative gift, I suggest that you give your lover a sea of flowers. The sea of flowers is both romantic and can reflect your wishes. If you can, hurry up to hold the hand of your other companion and walk around this sea of flowers while you are alive.

Flower trivia the most beautiful flower sea in the world the Dutch tulip flower sea scaled 3trivia
Flower trivia: the most beautiful flower sea in the world, the Dutch tulip flower sea

Dutch Tulips

With the arrival of the flowering season, the tulips in the northern Dutch town of Schagen and other flowers in the garden are in full bloom. The colorful tulips are in full bloom in the gentle breeze, and the fragrance of flowers is overflowing. Although the flower language of tulips represents “hopeless love”, but at this moment The beauty in front of you will make you intoxicated and feel that the world is full of love.

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