The smallest watermelon in the world, only the size of a thumb, and the scientific name “Pepkino”, is a high-end fruit with high nutritional value. Its appearance is no different from ordinary watermelon, but it is only the size of peanuts, about 3 cm long and 2 cm in diameter. It is the smallest watermelon in the world.

the smallest watermelon in the world 3trivia
Watermelon trivia: the smallest watermelon in the world?

Pepkino is a mini watermelon. An “adult” ordinary watermelon is about 13 cm to 48 cm long and about 17 cm in diameter, but “Pepkino” is only 3 cm long. In contrast, it is like a miniature version of a small watermelon. Although the appearance is no different from ordinary watermelon, the inner flesh of “Pepkino” is turquoise, the taste is crisp and refreshing like cucumber, and its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary watermelon, so it can be eaten directly.

The world’s smallest watermelon price

The wild fruit “Pepkino” originated in South America. When Dutch food producers discovered it, they brought the seeds back to the Netherlands for greenhouse cultivation. In 1987, a Dutch company began planting in the United States and Asia. The growth cycle is 60 to 85 days, and the yield of one piece can reach 60 to 100.

The Netherlands has begun mass production of “Pepkino” and began to promote it to overseas markets. Mini watermelons have been launched in the UK. Each box of 250 grams contains 50 small watermelons. The initial price is 10 pounds (approximately US$15.2). It will “arrive” in the United States shortly. You can only see it in high-end restaurants. A 16-ounce “Pepquinos” costs $79.

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