The shortest tree in the world is the dwarf willow, which grows in the high mountain tundra. Its height is only 3 cm to 5 cm. Compared with the world’s tallest tree Almond Eucalyptus, the difference between one tall and one short is up to 15,000 times. The shortness of the dwarf willow is breathtaking.

Tree trivia What is the shortest tree in the world scaled 3trivia
Tree trivia: What is the shortest tree in the world?

The stems of this plant generally creep on the ground, and after sprouting and branching, inflorescences like willows can grow. Although they are also called willows, they are too short and tall. The dwarf willow is short due to the harsh climate. The dwarf willow grows in high mountains, where the temperature is extremely low, the air is thin, the wind is strong, and the sun is direct. The plant must be short in order to adapt to this environment.

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