A plant called chrysanthemum that grows in the desert has the shortest life cycle among seed plants. The ephemeral chrysanthemum is the shortest-lived plant in the world, and its life span is only a few weeks. The desert has been dry for a long time, and the seeds of this plant germinate and grow quickly and bloom and bear fruit in the early spring when there is a little rain and moisture. This life habit is the result of its adaptation to the special living environment.

Plant trivia: What is the shortest lifespan plant in the world?
Plant trivia: What is the shortest lifespan plant in the world?

Short-lived chrysanthemum, also known as “Dendrobium”, is a plant of the Compositae family, which lives in the Sahara Desert in Africa. There is a long period of drought and little rainfall. Many desert plants have degraded leaves and the ability to preserve water to adapt to arid environments. Short-lived chrysanthemum is different. It has a special habit of rapid growth and maturation. As long as there is a little rain in the desert and the ground is a little moist, it will immediately sprout, grow and bloom. The whole life cycle is only three or four weeks.

Its tongue-shaped flowers are arranged around the head inflorescence, like serrations. What’s interesting is that the flowers of chrysanthemum are extremely sensitive to humidity. When the air is dry, they close quickly; when they are slightly humid, they open quickly and bear fruit quickly. When the fruit is ripe, it shrinks into a ball, blows in the wind, spreads to other places, and multiplies offspring. Because of its short life and hurried coming and going, it is called “Short-Life Chrysanthemum”.

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