An apple is worth RMB 228! Did you write the wrong price on weekdays? “

One day at noon, Ms. He Hongwei, who lives in Building 4, Dongfangjiayuan, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, took her son to a large supermarket near Tianjie, Guanyinqiao Beicheng, Chongqing. Seeing the price on the price tag, she couldn’t help asking the salesperson in surprise. Salesperson Li Houlan answered with a smile, correct marking. When leaving the supermarket, Ms. He told reporters: “My monthly salary is only enough to buy 6 such apples.”

The reporter saw at the scene that the apples priced at 228 yuan each are the world’s No. 1 apple produced in Japan. They are about the size of a volleyball, three or four times larger than ordinary apples. The reporter picked up two at random and asked the salesperson to peel off the packaging and weigh them. One has a net weight of 507 grams and one has a net weight of 512 grams.

Apple trivia: The most expensive apple in the world? Announced!
Apple trivia: The most expensive apple in the world? Announced!

Can such an expensive apple sell well? The supermarket salesperson Li Houlan told reporters that this kind of apples entered the supermarket two years ago and have been selling very well, but they often sold out of stock because they could not keep up with the purchase. “On New Year’s Day there are only 3 left, and this batch of goods was replenished only on the 9th.”

Li Houlan said: “This apple sells best on traditional festivals such as Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, New Year’s Day, etc. It is mainly bought by units or some bosses. A person who looks like a boss bought 5 pieces (60 pieces) on New Year’s Day. It costs more than 13,000 yuan, which is said to be used as a gift to give away.”

According to a person in the supermarket, this apple is a naturally-grown environmentally friendly fruit without any fertilizers or hormones, and without any pesticide residues. In addition, put this apple in the house, the whole house is full of unique fragrance. This apple is the most expensive apple in the world.

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