The seeds of Haloxylon ammodendron are the shortest-lived seeds in the world, and they can only live for a few hours. Due to the long-term adaptation to the water shortage and hot desert environment, this plant has developed a set of rapid germination skills. As long as its seeds get a little water, they will take root and germinate within two or three hours. It is the world’s shortest-lived seed. .

Seed trivia: What is the shortest-lived seed in the world? cruel
Seed trivia: What is the shortest-lived seed in the world? cruel

Haloxylon ammodendron lives on the edge of the desert and is the ecological protection god of desert areas; it has high firepower when burning and is a high-quality fuelwood forest; twigs can be used as fodder; the parasitic cistanche on the roots is a precious Chinese medicinal material, large shrubs or shrubs. , The height of the tree is 3 to 8 meters. Haloxylon trees are light-loving and resistant to high temperature (43°C) and severe cold (-40°C). Adapting to atmospheric drought and soil drought, it can survive on desert soils in areas with an annual rainfall of 25 to 200 mm. Therefore, it is mainly distributed in the Alxa League in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the deserts of Xinjiang. The rare plant Cistanche cistanche parasitizing on the aerial roots of Haloxylon trees is known as “desert ginseng”. The yield and quality of Cistanche in Inner Mongolia ranks first in the country.

The seed life of tropical plants is mostly not long. For example, the seeds of cocoa can only live for 35 hours, and the seeds of sugarcane and orange can only live for a few days after leaving the fruit, and at most it is less than ten days. The germinating time of the palm seeds is very long, under the right conditions, it takes as long as two years. For common seeds such as rice, wheat, and cotton, the germination time depends on the sky. The only seeds in the world that can germinate within two or three hours are those of Haloxylon ammodendron. Therefore, the Haloxylon tree can adapt to the harsh environment of desert aridity.

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