If the world arboriculture competition is held, only the almond eucalyptus from Australia will be eligible to win the championship. The tallest tree in the world is Eucalyptus almond (Australian grassland, up to 156 meters). Eucalyptus almond trees are generally up to 100 meters high. One of them is 156 meters high. The trunk of the tree is as high as fifty stories high. Among the trees that humans have measured, it is the tallest one. Birds sing on the top of the tree, and under the tree it sounds like the buzzing of mosquitoes.

The base of this tree is up to 30 meters long, the trunk is straight, and it is obviously thinner upwards, and the branches and leaves are densely grown on the top of the tree. The leaves grow strangely. Normal leaves face the sky, while the sides face the sky, like hanging on a branch, parallel to the direction of sunlight. This weird appearance is to adapt to the dry climate and strong sunlight environment, reduce direct sunlight and prevent excessive evaporation of water.

Tree trivia: The tallest growing tree in the world?
Tree trivia: The tallest growing tree in the world?

It is said that a tree can evaporate 175,000 kilograms of water every year. Therefore, some countries plant eucalyptus in swamps and use them as active water pumps to pump water from the ground. As the saying goes, “It is good to enjoy the cool under the big tree.” But there is almost no shadow under the tall almond eucalyptus trees. Because its leaves are slender and curved, and the sides are facing upwards, the leaf surface is parallel to the direction of sunlight projection, as if hanging on a tree branch, the sunlight is poured out from the gaps in the leaves.

Although Eucalyptus almonds is tall and big, its seeds are very small, each of which is about 1-2 millimeters. Only one grain of rice is as big as 20 seeds. However, it grows extremely fast and is one of the fastest growing tree species in the world. It can grow into a big tree with a height of more than 10 meters and a diameter of more than 40 cm at breast height in five or six years. Almond eucalyptus wood is an excellent material for making boats, cars, and electric poles. Valuable tanning materials or gums can also be extracted from the trees. The leaves have a special scent, which can be used to refine eucalyptus oil, which has the medical effects of relieving wind and heat, inhibiting bacteria and inflammation, and relieving itching. One of the main raw materials of eucalyptus sugar is eucalyptus oil, which has the effect of cooling and relieving cough.

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