Do you know what is the longest-lived plant in the world? In the Xishuangbanna Institute of Tropical Botany, there is a slow-growing and drought-tolerant photic tree with short stems, gray-white bark longitudinally splitting, and lush foliage. This kind of tree, when you stroke it with a knife, will shed sap that resembles human blood. For this reason, people call this bleeding tree the “dragon blood tree” (also known as dragon’s blood), the sap of the dragon’s blood tree. It can be used as medicine to treat traumatic injuries, blood stasis pain, rheumatism, numbness, gynecological miscellaneous diseases and other diseases.

Plant trivia: the longest-lived plant in the world
Plant trivia: the longest-lived plant in the world

Because the resin flowing out of this tree is dark red, it is named “Dragon’s Blood Tree”. It grows in Africa and belongs to the evergreen tree family. It is the longest growing plant in the world. Some can live for 2000 years, some can live for 6000 years, and some can live for 8000 years. It is the longest-lived plant in the world. . Dracaena must be very strong in wood preservative, and it is very useful in industry.

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