It is the most natural bomb in the world. It is located in South America and has a magical tree called the bomb tree. The sap it secretes contains a lot of hydrocarbon compounds. Once someone approaches these trees with a torch, this tree will undoubtedly become a natural bomb. But this tree also has its good side. Just drill some small holes in these trees. It can extract about 18 liters of sap from each tree. This juice can be used as car fuel.

At the same time, the fruit of the bomb tree is always very hard, especially the peel is much harder than coconut. It is the size of a grapefruit and is yellow in color.” The fruit will automatically burst when the fruit is ripe, and the sharp “fragments” will fly around. The power is like a small grenade, which is very lethal. Some shell fragments can even fly more than 20 meters. After the explosion, dead bird bodies are often found nearby. Therefore, whenever the fruit is ripe, the local people will avoid the bomb tree.

Tree trivia: The most dangerous bomb tree in the world.
Tree trivia: The most dangerous bomb tree in the world.

In South America, the pollination of “bomb tree” flowers is done by bats. Whenever the fruit is ripe, the locals avoid walking under the “bomb tree” for fear that they will be “shot”. Because this tree is too dangerous, people are afraid to set up houses near it, and pedestrians passing by are afraid to approach it.

It seems that there are such dangerous plants in the world, but friends who are curious about this do not have to go to South America. This kind of tree is also introduced and planted in China, and it is planted in some scenic spots in Guangxi and Yunnan. Mainly for viewing, as to whether it can be eaten the whole world is inconclusive. Just imagine, what does the fuel of a car taste like in your mouth?

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