China is a country rich in bamboo. Everyone has bamboo in their lives or around them. In the United States, Chinese bamboo is very famous. Chinese bamboo has appeared in Hollywood movies played by Jackie Chan, but it is the tallest in the world. Bamboo is not in China, but in India, Sri Lanka and other places.

The tallest bamboo in the world: Ma Zhu

Bamboo trivia: The highest growing bamboo in the world.
Bamboo trivia: The highest growing bamboo in the world.

Ma bamboo has many aliases such as sweet bamboo, big head bamboo, big leaf black bamboo, also called Indian Ma bamboo, etc. They are mainly distributed in southern China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar and other places. General Ma bamboo can grow to 20-25 meters. Every energy saving grows to 40-60 cm, in Sri Lanka Botanical Gardens, hemp bamboo that grows to 35 meters has been recorded as the tallest bamboo directly.

The tallest bamboo in the world: dragon bamboo

Dragon bamboo is also called hemp bamboo. It is mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of Asia. It is actually Ma bamboo. At the 1999 World Horticultural Exposition, a dragon bamboo that grew to 40 meters tall was 5 meters taller than the previous 35 meters in Sri Lanka. Rice is truly the highest bamboo in the world.

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