Summer is here, and it’s time to eat watermelons again. Now the watermelons are vivid, with the largest nature in the world and the smallest in the world. The watermelon has also been certified by the Guinness World Records. Let’s take a look at this largest watermelon!

Seeing that the above is so huge and taller than an adult, two people can’t move this watermelon at all. You think this is the largest watermelon in the world, you are wrong. This is just a photo that has been photographed. Under natural conditions, even with such superb planting methods, it is impossible to grow such a large watermelon. Below is the real world’s largest watermelon.

Watermelon trivia: The largest watermelon in the world.
Watermelon trivia: The largest watermelon in the world.

A man in the United States planted the world’s largest watermelon weighing 300 kilograms. This watermelon was awarded the title of “Watermelon King” and was certified by the Guinness World Records.

It is understood that the Big Pumpkin Federation is currently the world’s authoritative organization that recognizes huge fruits and vegetables. It holds a fruit and vegetable competition every year, and the competition’s authoritative experts weigh and choose the entries. The “Watermelon King” weighs 158 kilograms. It was planted by Kreis Kent from Tennessee, USA, surpassing the previous “Watermelon King” produced in Italy. Kent has established a fruit and vegetable planting website to sell his previous “Watermelon King” seeds to the outside world, and has already begun preparations to plant the next “Watermelon King”. He also frankly said to the fans, “This watermelon may not be as sweet as the watermelon sold in the store. The meat is a bit rough and it is not very sweet.”

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