Is “grape” and “rai” a thing?

When we buy fruit on a daily basis, we will find that there is always a kind of…

When we buy fruit on a daily basis, we will find that there is always a kind of fruit called “Piezi” next to the “grape”. So, is “Israel” and “Grape” the same thing?

“Zizi” is another name for grapes in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Hainan and other places. Red grapes are called “red”; black grapes are called “black”; green grapes are called “green”. In fact, in a broad sense, grapes and raisins are a thing. However, the name “tizi” was popular in the country after it was introduced to the American Red Globe Grape in recent years. Therefore, what we generally call the raisins is the red earth and other grapes introduced from the United States, while the giant peaks, rose scent and other varieties are also called grapes.

Is "grape" and "rai" a thing?
Is “grape” and “rai” a thing?

They are essentially the fruits of the grapes. Only in the process of commodity circulation, the markets in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places usually refer to the Eurasian grape, which is large in grain, thick in skin, low in juice, high in quality, difficult to separate from flesh and meat, and resistant to storage and transportation. The bright red is red, the purple black is black, and the yellow green is green. The fruit with large, soft, juicy, and easily peeled skin is called grape, thus forming two names. Generally imported grapes are raisins.

The skin of the grapes is to be spit out, which is very unpalatable. The skin of the raccoon does not need to spit, because it is attached to the meat. The grapes are softer than the raisins and the grapes can be dried. There are two types of raisins, both of which are delicious.

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