Why can a creeper climb all the way?

When we went to school, we all learned a text called “The Green Hill Climb”. The author Xiao…

When we went to school, we all learned a text called “The Green Hill Climb”. The author Xiao Fu mentioned in the article that Mr. Ye Shengtao has a green ivy creeper at home, so why the ivy can climb up the wall What? Cold Knowledge Network Xiaobian introduces you to the reason why the ivy climbs up.

Why can a creeper climb all the way?
Why can a creeper climb all the way?

In nature, all kinds of living things have their own way of living. Plants have a set of skills in order to gain more living space so that they can get more sunshine and other resources. Some stems have developed mechanical tissues and can grow upright; some stems are softer when young, and can not stand upright, but can be entangled on other objects to raise the branches; some stems are softer when young, but can be used The structure of climbing climbs up; some stems are slender and weak, but they don’t wrap around, but grow along the ground.

In the summer, many green and green vines are often seen on large trunks or on old walls. In winter, there are only some bare canes left. This is what we often call the creeper, also known as the wall-climbing tiger. The ivy is adaptable, from Jilin to Hainan Island in the northeast; it grows rapidly, and it takes only one or two years to fill a large wall; it is easy to survive, and the branches will live. Although the ivy can stretch far away, it does not occupy the ground, and it can form a unique vertical landscape with unique growth patterns to make up for the monotony of the wall. Therefore, the ivy is often planted in the corner to decorate the walls and green space.

What does the ivy climb on a smooth wall, stone wall or trunk? The ivy is different from other plants in the grape family. Other plants generally rely on tendrils – formed by metamorphosis of the metamorphosis – climbing other objects, the ivy also has tendrils, and many branches, the top of the tendril has round and concave suction cups, the edge of the suction cup can be Secrete mucus. When the suction cup contacts the wall, the mucus seals the suction cup, and after forming a pressure difference between the inside and the outside, the suction cup can generate suction. Multiple suction cups hold the wall and trunk tightly, so the entire plant body can “fly the wall”. After the old branches are fixed, the young branches continue to grow forward, and new tendrils and suction cups grow. This keeps growing and growing, and it will grow over the wall in less than a year or two.

The ivy has not only the role of green space, but also its roots can be used as medicine, which can break blood, reduce swelling, and fruit can also be brewed.

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