Some people say that the Christmas tree first appeared in the so-called Saturnus Festival in the middle of December in ancient Rome, and sacrificed the Saturnus, the Roman goddess. The name of the tree at that time was a harvest tree. Then, because of the “Christianization” mentioned earlier, the harvest tree became a Christmas tree.

It is also said that the Christmas tree was first associated with a farmer. Legend has it that he met a child who was hungry and cold in a snowy Christmas night. When the peasants thought, the cold days could not leave the children, they gave the children a sumptuous Christmas dinner. When the child said goodbye, he gave the peasant a small cedar branch and inserted it on the ground. He also blessed the peasant and said: “There are gifts on this day, leaving this beautiful cedar tree and repaying your kindness.” After the child left, the peasant It was discovered that the twig turned into a small tree. He woke up with a boring child. It turned out that the child was a messenger of God. This is a saying of the origin of the Christmas tree.

Christmas Trivia:The origin of the Christmas tree
Christmas Trivia:The origin of the Christmas tree

Another said that the Christmas tree was actually made by the Germans. This has to return to the 8th century AD, when the German missionary Nikos used the banyan tree to worship the baby. Later, the Germans used December 24 as the festival of Adam and Eve, and placed a small tree at home, which was the “park tree” of the Garden of Eden, and then hanged a cookie representing the holy cake, symbolizing atonement; The candle on the main point, the ball hanging on it, symbolizing Christ, and slowly changing it becomes a Christmas tree.

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