Starting from the top of the head of the Christmas tree, it is not for the sake of the star on the top of the tree. It is symbolic and there is something sacred. It symbolizes the legendary guide to the three kings of the East to find Jesus’ star, called “Star of Bethlehem.” So, if anyone wants to decorate an authentic Christmas tree, don’t forget to put stars on the top of the tree.

Christmas Trivia:What is the decoration on the tree?
Christmas Trivia:What is the decoration on the tree?

Looking at the tree, there used to be candles on the Christmas tree. The candle symbolizes the starlight of Christmas Eve and is the world’s gratitude to the star of Bethlehem. Now, everyone has replaced it with a bunch of small lights.

The bell hanging on the tree represents the bell in the hands of the shepherd. When the bell rang, the lost sheep could find the sound and return to the master. This is obvious, the lost person can find his voice back to God. Ringtones have the meaning of notifying the gospel of the birth of Christ, but also the meaning of exorcism. The shepherd’s cane has also been reduced to a cane-shaped ornament, and the shepherd uses it to pull back the lamb to fall into the trap, meaning that it can be imagined. And the cane is also an inverted letter J, can you think of “Jesus”?

Christmas balls are also prototyped, our daily fruit – apple. It symbolizes the rich supply of Paradise Eden in the world, and the apple tree as the tree of life in the Garden of Eden, also symbolizes eternal.

You see, there is a lot of learning in a small decoration on the Christmas tree. Did you feel that you were “learning” after reading it?

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