Succulents Trivia: poison the heart?

【rumor】 It’s not a day or two to become a plant “sweet pet”. However, some people have pointed…

It’s not a day or two to become a plant “sweet pet”. However, some people have pointed out: “A person who is exposed to flesh may be poisoned or even cause heart disease.

Succulents Trivia: poison the heart?
Succulents Trivia: poison the heart?

【the truth】
Is it true that the succulent plants that people often say in the plant world do not refer to a single group of genus, but are succulent to the vegetative organs of stems or leaves. According to statistics, common succulents come from at least 25 families, such as Rosaceae, Cactaceae, Apricot, Sedum, etc. There are nearly 10,000 kinds of succulents in the world.

The engineer of the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shangguan Fazhi told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that the silver crown jade that had been intercepted by the local customs was a cactus family, which is native to western North America. This genus contains an alkaloid called “Meskaring”. After taking it, it will affect people’s hearing and visual perception for a short time, causing hallucinations. It is a plant-like hallucinogenic drug. It has an overdose or long-term intake. Great risk. In addition, the white juice of most succulents in the genus Euphorbiaceae is toxic. White sap in stems and leaves such as unicorn, cloth, keel, and bachelor will cause redness, itching and other allergic symptoms.

Although some fleshy varieties are poisonous, it is rumored that “succulent plants poison the heart”. Shangguan Fazhi emphasizes that toxic and succulent plants are only niche, and most of their toxic substances belong to alkaloids. They are not volatile. As long as they are not imported, there is generally no health risk. If the skin is inadvertently exposed to plant juice, use it promptly. Wash with water; some succulents that may pose a health risk should be kept away from children and pets to avoid eating.

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