Laughing is one of the manifestations of human expression of emotion. So what other animals besides humans will laugh? In fact, the definition of laughter is divided into external and internal, one is internal emotion, and the other is external objective form. That is to say, whether or not the animal will laugh, it is better to ask whether the animal also has a happy and happy mood. It is not difficult to understand the meaning of laughing if you understand this. However, there is a plant that will laugh, will you be surprised? Will plants also have emotions?

Tree Trivia:Have a laughing tree
Tree Trivia:Have a laughing tree

Scientists have shown that plants also have emotions, such as flowers in the house moving to a sunny place, the color will become brighter. However, there are not many trees that will laugh out loud. There is a Chimeda Lanhad Botanical Garden in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda in eastern Africa. There is a tree in the garden that will make a “Ha! Ha!” laugh. The laughing tree is a small tree that grows to seven or eight meters high, with dark brown trunks and elliptical leaves. There is a fruit in each branch, which is shaped like a bell. There are many small ball-like skins in the skin, which can roll in the skin. There are many spotted holes in the shell of the fruit. When the breeze blows, the skin is rolling inside, and it will make a sound of “Ha! Ha!”.

The function of laughter, which is laughter, is skillfully used by people. People plant it on the edge of the field. When the birds fly, they hear laughter and think that people are coming, and they dare not land. Protect crops from damage. Interestingly, in some parts of the Arab world, there is another tree that makes people laugh. It can “laugh” during the day and “cry” at night, making a different sound. After research, botanists believe that this wonderful phenomenon is closely related to the illumination of the sun.

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