Potatoes, corn, buckwheat and other gluten-free foods are gradually taking over supermarket shelves, but are they really healthier than traditional bread, biscuits and cakes?

Food trivia:Is gluten-free food healthier?
Food trivia:Is gluten-free food healthier?

Gluten-free foods do not cause gluten allergy and are a relatively safe option for allergic patients, but most people do not have gluten allergy problems.

If you are not a gluten-allergy patient and have no gluten intolerance, choosing a gluten-free food will not make you healthier and may even be harmful to your health.

Whole-grain foods are rich in vitamin B and fiber. To eat gluten-free foods, it is necessary to strictly quit gluten-based foods. This is difficult in itself, and it is difficult to maintain long-term adherence. In addition, in order to cover up its special taste and The taste will usually add more oil and sugar.

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