Speaking of heather, a plant that can be seen everywhere in the country, it has the stalk of “the most filthy flower” on it, and the landscape flowers of this city and campus are spit by many people because of the flowering period. It is very similar to the smell of men’s semen, so many people will inexplicably resent, and there are more rumors that girls will be intoxicated when they smell this. It can be said that the space for brain filling is very large. What kind of strange words is Heather? Come along with Xiaobian to understand.

Semen trivia:Does it taste the same as heather?
Semen trivia:Does it taste the same as heather?

In fact, many people are curious. Since heather will give off this embarrassing taste when the flowering season is booming, why do plants in the country even in the country even plant a large amount of plants that emit semen? In fact, there is no definitive report on odor analysis and pollination biology, and it is not known why heather will emit such a shy scent.

But in fact, if you do a deeper understanding, you will find that the advantages of heather are far greater than its shortcomings. This tree is evergreen, with red leaves and white flowers in spring, evergreen in summer, and red fruits in autumn. Even winter will not become. It is bare, so from the perspective of appreciation, it is “high cost performance” all year round, and they can absorb toxic and harmful gases in the surrounding environment, and can also repel mosquitoes and deworms, have the effect of dust reduction and environmental protection, and have no effect on human body. It’s harmful, so it’s not difficult to understand it as a city landscape tree and a “seat guest” on campus.

The similar semen taste emitted by heather makes it easy for people to think that heather has the effect of invigorating the kidney and strengthening the yang. Relevant experts have clearly stated that the leaves and roots of heather are used as strong agents, diuretics, calming and antipyretic effects, hurricane dehumidification, promoting blood circulation and detoxification, and treating impotence and nocturnal emission.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, heather is considered to be a drug related to sex, at least it is a drug for “tonifying kidney”, but there is also a saying that “the long-term service of another woman is thinking of men”, is it that heather has aphrodisiac effect? But it is not actually, so it is nonsense to say that “girls smell the heat of the flowers”.

In fact, because of its unique taste, heather has been on the front page of the local media, because its scent is difficult for residents to accept, and even pregnant women may feel uncomfortable or have vomiting symptoms, so it is recommended to have allergies or People with respiratory diseases, if you encounter strange flowers like heather, it is best not to get close, or wear a mask to avoid physical discomfort.

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