The General Sherman tree is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest tree in existence in the world and the largest living thing on earth. The General Sherman tree is a giant sequoia. It is 88 meters high. A single stem that grows at a height of 40 meters is as thick as 2 meters, which makes many trees of 30 to 40 meters high in the world beyond the reach of the dust. The bottom diameter of the tree reaches 12 meters. It takes more than 20 people to hold hands to hug it, just like a green skyscraper, it is very spectacular.

The General Sherman tree is located in the Sequoia National Park in California, USA. There are many towering Metasequoias in the park. Their average age is about 2300-2700 years. The General Sherman tree is more than 3,500 years old.

Tree trivia: The world's largest tree
Tree trivia: The world’s largest tree

The General Sherman tree is not the tallest known in the world (almond eucalyptus is the tallest tree on earth), nor is it the widest (this honor belongs to the Sunland Baobab), and it is not the longest surviving tree. But in terms of volume, it is the largest known existing single tree on the earth. In 2002, people measured the volume of the General Sherman tree to be 1487 cubic meters. The General Sherman tree was called “the largest tree on the earth”. It is also based on its trunk volume.

As early as the 19th century, local residents felled giant sequoias for their livelihoods and sold them. Due to the peculiarities of General Sherman, this giant sequoia has been specially protected by the US government.

General Sherman Tree is also translated as General Sherman Tree or General Sherman Tree. It was named by the naturalist Jim Wolferton in 1879 in memory of General William Tecumseh Sherman during the Civil War. In 1931, after comparing the size of the General Grant tree in the park, the General Sherman tree was recognized as the largest tree in the world. Since then, wood volume has been used as an important indicator to measure and compare different types of trees.

In 1985, scientists calculated based on the proportion of its wood and believed that the General Sherman tree currently weighs about 2,800 tons. It is estimated that General Sherman Tree can make about 55,800 square meters of panels. If these panels are made into a large wooden box, it is enough to fit a 10,000-ton ocean freighter.

The General Sherman tree in the Sequoia National Park belongs to the giant sequoia. The giant sequoia has a very thick bark and super resistance to diseases, insects and fire prevention. Even if the inner decay of the tree, the outer layer of the trunk can still be preserved. Some giant sequoias in the park have experienced more than 90 fires and are still growing tall and straight. Not only did the fire not damage them, but because the fire burned down the low bushes and weeds, the giant sequoias could take in more nutrients. , Which also created their unique living environment. Giant sequoias are extremely capable of absorbing water, and the water is stored in the huge bark. Because the bark contains a lot of water, it is difficult for the fire to reach the core of the tree. Played a very good protective role, which is why the General Sherman tree still stands and flourishes.

In February 2006, the largest branch of General Sherman’s tree fell off the trunk. The broken branches are as thick as an old tree, with a radius of more than 2 meters and a length of more than 30 meters. Part of the fence under the tree was also deformed by fallen branches, and the nearby walking path was also destroyed. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The breakage of the branches is not caused by abnormal health of the trees. Experts speculate that it may be the tree’s natural defense mechanism against severe weather conditions. The title of General Sherman Tree’s “largest tree” is based on its trunk volume, so the accident did not affect its ranking of “World No. 1”.

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