Information, in most organizations, flows through the chain of command. That is, it goes from a worker in a department to his manager, who passes it to the manager of another department who then passes it to a worker in that department. Feedback follows the same pattern too.

However, things work a bit differently at Tesla. A worker in one department can bypass his manager and the manager of the other department to speak directly with a worker in that department. This rule also applies to higher-ups including vice-presidents and Elon Musk himself.

Tesla trivia: You can bypass your manager
Tesla trivia: You can bypass your manager

This unique communications strategy was revealed in a memo written by Elon Musk and sent to all Tesla employees. In the memo, Elon Musk said the traditional chain of command is slow, dumb and unintelligent. According to him, information must flow quickly and easily if Tesla hopes to become successful.

Talking of success, Elon Musk added that chain of commands only make managers feel more important than they are and encouraged departments to compete against themselves, which is harmful to the success of the company. He added that managers who attempt to control the flow of information would be fired.

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