Tesla is infamous for firing its workers without warning. You could be working hard one moment and will be told your services are no longer needed the next. There is usually no hint that you are about to be laid off or that someone else on your team has been laid off.

For instance, one engineer realized his manager had been fired when he did not show up for a meeting.

Many layoffs supposedly begin as meetings and conferences. A former salesperson in Tesla’s energy division said she received an email at 1 a.m., asking her and her team to attend a video conference later that day. She was among the 250 people fired during the meeting. The layoff was indiscriminate since it affected everyone including those who met their sales quotas.

Tesla trivia: You can be fired without warning
Tesla trivia: You can be fired without warning

Another employee who worked on the vehicle delivery team was fired an hour after arriving work on a Monday morning. He knew something was off when three managers walked in and called a colleague into the conference room. It was unusual to see three managers together.

He only realized there was a problem when the colleague packed her stuff and left the room. He thought she was laid off for underperforming until he was invited into the room and told he was being laid off because his position was abolished. No one had told him anything about this earlier.

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