Is there a difference between a helicopter and a “helicopter” between a helicopter and a “helicopter”? Yes. What’s the difference? One is “aircraft” and the other is “aircraft”. The addition of the word “fly” means different. Strictly speaking, a helicopter is not an airplane.

Airplane trivia: Why is a helicopter not an airplane?
Airplane trivia: Why is a helicopter not an airplane?

According to the definition of fixed-wing aircraft: it refers to a heavier-than-air aircraft with wings and one or more engines that can fly in the atmosphere by its own power. Strictly speaking, an aircraft refers to an aircraft with fixed wings.

In addition, an airplane should have two most basic characteristics: one is that it is denser than air, and it is driven by power; the other is that the airplane has fixed wings, which provide lift to make the airplane soar in the sky.

Those who do not have the above characteristics cannot be called an airplane, and these two items are indispensable. For example: For an aircraft, if its density is less than air, it is a balloon or airship; if it has no power device and can only glide in the air, it is called a glider; if the wings of the aircraft are not fixed, it depends on the wings. Rotation produces lift, which is a helicopter or a rotorcraft.
This shows that helicopters are not aircraft.

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