Let’s face it. Your dog loves to have a better look at the other side of the fence. It’s the equivalent of a canine accomplishment. This is a neat invention for dog owners who wish there was something they can do to stop fence scratching, digging, or putting heads through chinks and holes.

Invention trivia: PetPeek Fence Window, a favorite invention of dog owners

The PetPeek fence window offers a safer, more generous, and aesthetic window than a simple hole in the fence. These clear glass half domes beat flat windows as your dog can put their head through, turn it around, and observe without putting themselves or others at risk.

It could be that your furry friend wants to see you off when you go or to keep an eye on every stranger passing outside the fence. The PetPeek fence window makes a concave dome that sticks out of the fence and helps curb incessant barking as they’re not too alarmed by what’s happening on the other side.

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