Russian YouTuber ‘Stas Reeflay’ (real name Stanislav Reshetnikov) focussed largely on gaming-based content. Finding it tough to compete in the genre, Stas also made some sketchy livestreams. Stas had done a fair few of these edgy streams, generating income by pepper spraying his girlfriend or forcing a friend of his to drink oil for donations. On December 2nd, 2020, things went too far on one of these streams. One viewer pledged $1000 for Stas to beat his girlfriend, Valentina, and lock her outside in the freezing cold.

Internet Trivia: Out In The Cold of the scary Internet Trivia
Internet Trivia: Out In The Cold of the scary Internet Trivia

This was in Moscow. In the winter.

Stas did what he’d been paid to do – As he locked Valentina out in sub-zero temperatures, soaking wet from some water he’d poured all over her, she proceeded to bang the door frantically for 2 hours. The viewers kept donating.

When Stas eventually pulled her back into his apartment she was unconscious and had turned a blueish-grey. Stas took Valentina and propped her up on his couch. When he failed to revive her, he continued to stream and take money.

She had been pregnant.

The paramedics came after Stas eventually called for an ambulance. They asked the YouTuber to refrain from filming them. He refused, allowing the 1500 or so viewers to continue to watch.

And donate.

He is awaiting trial.

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