Most creepy or shocking threads on sites like reddit will leave you wondering “is this real?”. Indeed, many threads are essentially just creepypastas or ARGs (alternate reality games) masquerading as true stories in order to maximise engagement.

Not so on reddit board ‘r/ConrollableWebcams’—a community of people dedicated to watching feeds from hacked cameras, the links posted allow users to access random webcam feeds. Sometimes it’s a carpark. Sometimes it’s a workplace. Sometimes it’s a bedroom. Yes, we have entered a real-life deep web creepypasta here, folks.

Internet trivia: r/ControllableWebcams of scary Internet trivia
Internet trivia: r/ControllableWebcams of scary Internet trivia

Mods have tried their best to ensure that nothing too untoward occurs on this board, but there’s only so much control they can have (short of scrapping it outright, of course).

This egregious, gross intrusion into people’s right to privacy is more common than you’d think—Go check your Nest or Ring setup now!

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