Another famous YouTuber has found himself on the wrong side of the law, this time in India. Nizamul Khan is a popular creator who specialises in motorbike stunts performed during skits, often featuring Nizamul’s girlfriend. The pair were said to be head-over-heels in love, with Nizamul planning on proposing to her. The problem? The girl’s brother, Kamal Sharma, vehemently opposed his sister’s involvement with Khan. Sharma forbade his sister from seeing Khan, going so far as to confiscate her phone.

Internet trivia: Nizamul Khan, the scary Internet trivia
Internet trivia: Nizamul Khan, the scary Internet trivia

On the 28th of October, 2020, Khan and two accomplices followed Sharma on his way home from work. The three attackers rode alongside Kamal whilst he had stopped his bike at an intersection. He was shot in the back and died. Nizamul Khan and his two co-conspirators are awaiting trial.

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