Maury Murray vanished after leaving her crashed car in a snowbank, seemingly to avoid police after a passer-by called them. If you want a deeper dive into the mystery of her vanishing, check out the video above.

Internet trivia: 112Dirtbag of creepy Internet trivia
Internet trivia: 112Dirtbag of creepy Internet trivia

In 2012, 8 years after Maura vanished, a lead seemingly popped up out of nowhere. A video posted to YouTube by a user named ‘112Dirtbag’ showed a middle-aged man staring directly at the camera and laughing, before ending the video with a wink and a message which read “Happy Anniversary”. Now, the username and the message suggested he knew something about Maura’s fate, if not directly responsible – the name is a reference to a quote from Maura’s father, speculating as to what could have happened to her; he said that perhaps some “dirtbag” on “route 112” could have abducted her. Furthermore, the video was posted exactly 8 years to the day that Maura went missing, making the final message incredibly troubling.

It turned out that this guy was just a troll. Alden Olsen, a Massachusetts resident, was cleared of any involvement. He has since started a blog about Maura’s case, seemingly trying to help solve it. So, we can assume Olsen was trying to bring more attention to the case (?!) By posing as the killer…

Although he has been definitively cleared of suspicion regarding Maura Murray’s case, one cannot help wondering why he, and many like him in other tragic cases, do this sort of stunt, inevitably compounding and exacerbating the misery of the victim’s loved ones.

Just stop.

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