On the r/TooAfraidToAsk subreddit, people have a space to ask the community any question that may be deemed too stupid, taboo or embarrassing in real life. In July 2019, one user named ‘u/icemanthrowawy123’ took a different tack – he wrote ‘Twelve mysterious and identical stores open on my street. What could be happening?’. The post quickly climbed to the top of the board; it wasn’t the usual ‘I shat my pants in public’-type post, typical of the average redditor.

Internet trivia: Weird Stores of creepy Internet trivia
Internet trivia: Weird Stores of creepy Internet trivia

He wrote that these ‘shops’ only sold out-of-date, mouldering Walmart foodstuffs and only took cash. Referring to the signage on all these random shops:

‘The names are all tiny variations off of each other like {townname MART} or {Market of Townname} and all clearly bought their signs from the same place as the fonts, colors, size, and shapes are identical. These stores see no business that I’ve ever witnessed yet have large staff numbers and are surviving way longer than the former stores that closed on this street’.

Could they be a front for money laundering a food stamp fraud scam? Some users thought so, but others doubted the veracity of the tale; the poster hadn’t provided any photos or further evidence, despite promising to do so. Silent since late 2019, it seems this was simply a creepy post made for clicks.

But you never know, maybe ‘they’ got him.

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