Om Sayf is a Syrian refugee living in Turkey who gained a large following for her livestreams playing PUBG ( Her star was on the rise until, on the 10th of Jan, 2021, she posted a video claiming she was quitting YouTube. She also left social media. Creator burnout? Maybe she’d gotten another job? Unfortunately not.

Internet trivia: What Happened To Om?
Internet trivia: What Happened To Om?

It seems that something far darker and more immediately dangerous for Om could be afoot. At the end of her ‘final’ video, she made a hand gesture that seems to be the new universal signal to indicate domestic abuse (

Her fans peppered Twitter with concerned messages and calls for an investigation. She has since made videos that show she is indeed alive, if not confirming she is well. Although there is no resolution to this story yet, we can only hope that the Turkish authorities can provide her with the help she needs, whatever that may be.

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