In the future, marriage to robots could become commonplace. A few people believe that marriage to robots already exists today. In an unusual case of man-to-object marriage, a Japanese man named Akihiko Kondo believes that he is actually married to a robot (of sorts). He’s in love with a 3-D hologram. Much to his dismay, the rest of the world doesn’t see eye-to-eye with his marriage.

Sex Robot Trivia: Robot Love
Sex Robot Trivia: Robot Love

He serves as a strong advocate for the right to marry a robot or hologram and says proudly that he obtains from his hologram what he could never from a woman.

Kondo emphasizes interesting points, such as the fact that a bot cannot age or die, that his hologram will never cheat, and he’ll always have exactly what he wants, no matter how bizarre it may seem to us today. Love between humans and robots has already made its appearance on the world stage, apparently, and we can likely expect to see more of it.

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