Considering the roles that sexual expression and sexual identity play in our world today, it’s likely that people will soon find virtual sex or intercourse with sexbots a significant part of their sexual identity in the near future.

Sex Robot Trivia: Sexual Identity
Sex Robot Trivia: Sexual Identity

This is actually starting to happen in obscurity in our modern world. There has already been a documented case of at least perceived discrimination, with the above-mentioned Akihiko Kondo saying on record that he believes he has been discriminated against by those who’ve criticized his choice to have a relationship with a hologram. He feels this largely because people haven’t recognized his marriage as legitimate.

As sexbots slowly creep into our world more and more, we’re going to have to have some major social discussions concerning the rights of both people and robots, how they interplay, and what it means to be digisexual. Is digisexuality a real thing, and should we recognize a person’s right to fall in love with a machine?

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