Beyond the social ramifications of the inevitable future of the rise of sex robots are the actual bots themselves. One vital aspect of robot relations is the mimicry of human relations—trying to get sex with the robot to resemble sex with a human as much as possible. Physical warmth is a particular part of human touch which manufacturers have sought to mimic in the robots they create.

Sex Robot Trivia: Warmth
Sex Robot Trivia: Warmth

People have used electronic warming gloves, blankets, and clothing to escape the bitter cold of winter months and remain comfortable. Seeing as the human body rests comfortably above room temperature, the robots, if they’re to resemble the human experience at all, must also be warmed, and sexbot creators have looked toward these very products, such as warming gloves, to create innovative ways to give their products the capability of temperature self-regulation—with quite a bit of success. Whether this is realistic enough to be convincing is a whole other question altogether, but researchers and manufacturers will definitely try.

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