The robots will also be touch-responsive, much like the screens of our smartphones and tablets, and will actually “sense” when human hands are upon them. This is to create a stimulus response so that it seems like the human user is interacting with a conscious entity, though this is not the case.

Sex robot trivia: Sensors
Sex robot trivia: Sensors

TouchYou is the name of one of the proprietary technologies that fall under the branch of “smart skin,” which essentially functions like a touch screen.

The goal of smart skin is to allow the robot to, at least in appearance, “feel” their users, which raises some interesting questions pertaining to what it means for a robot to actually “feel,” a person’s touch. Does the sexbot actually feel? Or is this just an input response, not unlike the use of a stylus on a personal computer? At what point will the robots be said to actually “feel” their user’s touch?

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