Sex robots don’t come cheap these days, but their costs are projected to plummet in the future as they gain in popularity and begin to catch on. The high cost of sexbots has given birth to a new type of business that’s much more affordable, albeit one that may be off-putting or disgusting for some: sexbot brothels.

Sex robot trivia: Money
Sex robot trivia: Money

Spreading across the world are sex doll and sexbot “brothels,” where one can go in and actually rent a sex robot for about $150 an hour. This means, of course, that someone has to spend all day cleaning the robots or toys in between clients, but if you’re comfortable using a machine that someone else had just used, it might be your thing.

We can only assume that as the market expands, so, too, will the budding enterprise of sexbot brothels. Who knows what the future of such establishments could look like, perhaps housing a hybrid of virtual reality and machine love.

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