Artificial intelligence is and will remain a very touchy subject for years to come. Many questions will arise about manufacturers claiming to imbue their bots with supposed AI, as some claim. Some academics and others have gone into a seeming panic, claiming that sex dolls with artificial intelligence should be outright banned by law, fearing the worst.

At current, the so-called “smart sex dolls” are really just glorified computers merged into a traditional sex doll, far from gaining any sort of sentience. These machines may well mimic human behaviors, at least some rudimentary ones and in a poor fashion, but they’re a far cry from gaining any sort of consciousness or the ability to adapt and learn from their environment to the point of gaining any sort of real independence from the user who owns them.

Sex robot trivia: Artificial Intelligence
Sex robot trivia: Artificial Intelligence

The fact is that it has been hotly debated as to what exactly will be the final straw when we can proclaim that a machine is actually sentient. Most corporations involved in the field agree that “augmented intelligence,” is the primary goal, augmenting machines with human intelligence to create a hybrid, rather than creating intelligent, thinking, “conscious,” machines. This means that sexbots can be programmed with a variety of stimulus-response traits, but them being actual living creatures is probably a long way off.

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