You can see all kinds of strange things after living for a long time. Before, there were Japanese men who chose to marry the two-dimensional character, and now there are American men who want to marry MacBook. However, because of the disagreement of the US Constitution, they have repeatedly gone to court. You know that the MacBook is just an Apple computer, but this man is determined to marry him. It can be said that he is the craziest fan in the world, much more terrifying than Chen Keni.

I must have seen the news on the Internet that Japanese men choose to marry the two-dimensional character on the Internet, and many people feel incredible about it! It’s amazing! Recently, Chris Sevier, a man in the United States, filed a lawsuit for not being able to marry his MacBook. That’s right, it’s “again.” This is not the first time he has done this kind of thing.

Fan trivia: The craziest Apple fan in the world?
Fan trivia: The craziest Apple fan in the world?

“I want to marry her in the game” and “unilaterally identify her as my wife in xx”, I believe this is a sentence often used by A Zhai, in their eyes, compared to the complicated three-dimensional, The girl of the second element is much better. But the American man who wants to get married is not even a girl. It’s just an Apple computer. It can be called the craziest fruit fan in the world.

As early as 2014, an American man named Chris Sevier applied to the Utah government to marry his laptop, but the government rejected it. We all know that the United States recognizes the legalization of homosexuality. Chris Sevier believes that his beloved Apple laptop is no different from homosexuality. The government’s rejection of his application is a form of discrimination. So he submitted a 50-page lawsuit and asked the government to give him an explanation.

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