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Why does the iPhone always show 9:41 am in apple ads?

Why does the iPhone always show 9:41 am in apple ads?-3trivia
Why does the iPhone6 always show 9:41 am in apple ads?

If you are careful enough, you should see that the iPhone in each ad will point to each set of numbers on the time display: 9:41, have you thought about the time of Apple or official rendering of the iPhone or iPad? Why is it always showing 9:41 am, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus released this year are no exception. In fact, the iPhone in these ads was previously displayed at 9:42 am, which is exactly the time when the first iPhone of 2007 was released. Now the foreign media has once again answered this question. When Apple's new products are unveiled, the time is locked at 9:41 or 42. This actually explains the time they are released.

However, when the first-generation iPad was released, Steve Jobs was one minute ahead of schedule, and all the time in the promotional materials was set at the time when the new device was officially released, so it appeared at 9:41 am.

Scott Forstall explained: "We have scheduled the release of the product about 40 minutes after the start of the keynote. When a product appears on the display, we want it to display close to the time shown on the live viewer's watch. But we can't The exact guarantee is exactly 40 minutes. The first generation iPhone, we arranged in 42 minutes; the first generation iPad, it was 41 minutes. So this magical time appeared." (via:Phonearena)

This new iPhone display time also indicates that next year's iPhone6s will also be released between September 41 and 42.


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