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Why is the sea salty?

The ocean is the cradle of life. More than 70% of our earth's surface is covered by sea water, and the land area is only a small part. In addition, countless scientists have used a lot of evidence to prove that life is firstborn in the sea, and water is one of the necessary conditions for life. But we can't drink sea water directly because it tastes salty and bitter, and it doesn't help the body. So why is the sea that can give birth to life be salty?

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Why is the sea salty?

For a homogeneous and complex mixture of seawater, it took scientists more than a century to fully understand its chemical composition. In the original seawater, a variety of salts were dissolved, mainly sodium chloride (salt), magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate and the like. How much salt is there in the sea?

In 1984, Dr. Dimat, a marine expert, analyzed seawater samples collected from 77 different seas and found that the average ocean salt content of the world's oceans is 35‰, which means that there are about 35 grams per 1 kilogram of seawater. salt. If you extract all the salt in the sea, you can completely fill the entire Arctic Ocean. Knowing this, we don't wonder why seawater is so salty.


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